Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I love him.

I do.

My husband. Love my super smart husband who collects random computer parts, can fix most things, reads my Star magazine and is a geography wiz.

He's super smart.

The 5 languages of love are affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service, physical touch. I think the 6th language is sarcasm. I fall there (followed by the others. Perhaps the final order would be sarcasm, acts of service/giving gifts, receiving gifts, physical touch and quality time.)

Anyway, moving on...

Recent conversations that cause a bit of concern--

1. When G was sick he was napping and I put a blanket on him. I told Ben and he asked seriously, "Is he going to die?"
2. I had just put G down for a nap and Ben was working outside. "Is Griffin asleep?" "No, I just left him on the couch." (Face of-you would kill me if I did that and OH MY GOSH YOU LEFT OUR MOBILE BABY ON THE COUCH!!)
3. Tonight-G is asleep. Ben tells me he got a bonus for all of the crazy hard amazing work he's been doing. Me "Want to go out for sushi tonight?" Him "Ummm... we shouldn't go. What about the baby?" wow. (we ordered in. It was amazing.

To combat--my ridiculous statement of the night (in reference to the morning show we both listen to)

"Did you know that migrant workers can't hang out outside of Old Navy anymore?.... I mean home depot." What?


CDS said...

Oh Boyfriend Ben... I heart you.

Meg said...

Does that mean they are going to have to stop hanging out in front of The Gap and Banana Republic too?

A.B. said...

I don't think they can order from piperlime, either.