Thursday, March 17, 2011

We're friends, right?

SO I read blogs. Everyday. Some of the people I read I actually know. Some people I just pretend in my head that I know and that soon we will be bff's and go on a jaunt across country to meet up and tell each other how we've always admired each other and then go buy new wardrobes, you know, because we can. We'll also be having mimosas while we shop all day. Sometimes my husband reads over my shoulder or will come look when I play a video. When I got a Christmas card from one of you and he said, "who's that?" I wanted to be all... "A friend from high school." Instead of "a random person that I gave our address too and became friends with on facebook. Don't worry. She lives far away and they have a kid. No one with a kid is a creepster."But, I'm an awful liar so I just went with the person I gave our address to thing.

Anyway, so I read blogs--LOTS of them have babies so it makes me think we are "mom friends." So when Ben said, "Who's that?" And I said.... "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh this girl who lives in x and her baby is about to be one" bla bla bla.

Him... "of course you know that. It's totally normal."

I'm all, whatevs Ben. Whatevs. I'm trying to get more readers and sometimes I have to sell our address so we can get some valid stalkers up in here. I mean, did you not see "You've got mail?" Online relationships are REAL.

Until then I'm going to have a mimosa and go to Old Navy.


Beth Dunn said...

You are SO funny! I'll drink champers with you and go shopping.

CDS said...

Oh how I love you...and know how you feel. BTW...did you see my blog today and look at my fave new old navy find?! xoxo ..os tell boyfriend Ben that it IS normal!

A.B. said...

CDS you were my inspiration today. Then I got there and they only had that dress in an xxl. DANG IT!!!

I love a little buzzed shopping. Makes me feel more adventurous. I also like that I pretend I do that a lot.

jill said...

funny! i do the same...i refer to a particular friend as "the friend i've never met". my hubs knows exactly who i'm talking about.
and if we ever met, i would love to go shopping, but i'd have to go with a strong bloody mary.

Perfectly Imperfect said...

this made me laugh. we're totally friends. duh.

and i tell hubs all the time about my friends all over the county. i keep thinking one day he'll get it ;)

Loosy said...

This just made me smile.


your virtual friend who mailed you a Christmas card