Thursday, March 10, 2011


We like to use the term "neck" to mean red neck. You know, like saying, "the game of washers is a little 'neck'." For those of you in the midwest, it's similar to corn hole.

Not what I was intending to talk about, but it just it came to me once I said it...

What I meant was--"MY BABY HAS A NECK!!!" I saw it today. I've thought for a long time his head just rested on a lot of chins. Turns out, nope. There is a neck in there.

Completely unrelated--I am HORRIBLE about geography. horrible. Well, Dr. Ben is about to watch a Jamie Oliver show about Andalucia (which we've never heard of) and so I wikipedia that and I'm telling him important facts like "it's in the south of the Iberian peninsula" (which means nothing to me other than I've heard of it) and he's all "ohhhhhhhhhh so it's north of the Strait of Gibraltar?"

Then I questioned our marriage. How the good Dr. could love someone like me who plays the game, "I bet I can guess how much this costs" at J.Crew and Banana and picking out the most expensive thing on the page in magazines. I'm really good at that. Probably better than he is at geography.


PaTtY said...

I think i'm a little neck.

Amy said...

you know that i also always win at that game while at banana and j.crew. Thanks for the shout out to the midwest and cornhole!