Sunday, March 13, 2011

A new (target-ified) product.

This is about nursing bras. There. I said it... so check out should you not want to hear about bazoombas.

SO, I'm a huge fan of the bravado seamless nursing bra. I purchased multiple not attractive (because lets face--it's not hot to have snaps on the shoulders of your bra) nursing bras. 3 of which totally don't fit. I thought they did, but they didn't. Waste of mooooooolah. So I went to our fancy pants (marmy) maternity/nursing store and found what I wanted. What fit. What's SUPER COMFORTABLE and easy to use (which is important for a prude like me.)

Anyway, I'm at mecca the other day and low and behold--they have targetified this bra! I mean, it's a now frills version and totally great (and totally $30 cheaper.)

I went today and there were TWO. TWO. TWO in the whole store. I mean, how did people know about my secret? About my secret I was going to use for my own benefit and THEN share with others? They aren't even online. Tomorrow I will visit a different store. I'm on a mission and I've already obsessively cleaned my house.


jill said...

would love the name of the new nursing bra. the two that fit the milk-filled tatas need to be retired.

A.B. said...

Jill, the target one is the bravado stella and also this bravado one