Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I've lost my mojo.

I don't even know what mojo is. I'm scared to look it up at work because I tried to look at something baby related the other day and it was blocked because it was "adult content." wha? I'm on a list. I know it. I know that Austin Powers lost his too... so maybe I shouldn't say I lost mine because that's not my bag. Wow. Yep. I went there. My magical powers? Magic Johnson? Musical Jirations? are definitely lost. Or is it girations? I don't know... because spell check just high lighted this ENTIRE paragraph. That's not good.

Maye I'm going through a growth spurt? Which makes me eat donuts and desire sleep. I had a donut incident this morning. Twice.

So why am I not posting? And about 80 years behind on reading the blogs that consume my free time? Yah, I'd like to say my free time is consumed with museums and literarly dialogue and saving sea urchins, but alas... most of it is spent probing the internet, eating girl scout cookies, and catching up on my stories.

I guess I could write a post about my bootcamp experience last week? But mostly it would involve the words "want to punch him in the face." How entertaining is that?

Or I could talk about how I proceeded to get the RSV. (I like to add "the" before things to make them more important. My mom adds "that" before someones name to refer to someone she doesn't like.) It's genetic.

Mojo mojo. where did you go go?
I'm at a loss. Where's Who's The Boss?
Tony and Angela--Where is my Mo-jangela?

Fail. Nothing rhymes with Angela.

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