Monday, March 21, 2011

in mourning

My pink computer has gone to the great beyond that even the nerds can't fix. Well, that's not true. Hubs is going to put a new hard drive in and it will work again. However, the nerds were not able to restore any of my documents--or pictures. ALllllllllll of my pictures of my sweetest newborn baby that were saved on there.

I'm in mourning.

I will return at a later time when I can hold my computer in my lap while watching ellen during my 2 hour break (where I should be cleaning an doing laundry.) SO I'm also in mourning that I don't have something to distract me from the cleaning and laundry.

SO I'm basically going to need to spend about 3 days catching up on your lives. Try to slow things down until then.

Thanks, friends.


Beth Dunn said...

So sorry to hear of your lost pictures! I'd be beyond too. Interesting to hear you blog while watching Ellen. I can picture it

CDS said...

OMG! I am SO sorry!!! xoxo

Deana said...

Damn you, Technology! Damn you, I say (while shaking my fist in righteous indignation).

Seriously. That totally, completely sucks. That's two adverbs worth of suckage.

A.B. said...

pinky pink (my computer) is back thanks to nerdsben. Info still missing.

Apologies. Ben requires I call him "nerdous-maximus."

I'm looking for a new domestic mate. Must do laundry.

Lowie said...

All your pictures? Oh no!!! I hope Ben can work magic and restore your pics.

jill said...

sorry about the pictures. i would be totally devastated if that happened to all my pictures (years worth). good thing i made the hubs get that external hardrive to put them on.