Friday, December 30, 2011

At the expense of others...

Work has not offered you any tales as of late.  However, today I will let you know of 3. 

One lady has decided to throw caution to the wind and wear a full on Jose Cuervo ensemble (sans bottle of tequila.)  Today, I was also taken aback that she is wearing a full on Michael Jackson shout out, complete with knee high boots, kacki riding pants, and a blazer with epithets.  Also of note, spell check does not recognize the word Cuervo.  Tee totalers.  I would have got a sneak shot, but alas, I didn't have my phone on me as I had walked down the hall at the nerve of them sending an email to let us know that the water was turned off for some unforseen reason and the city didn't have any workers in our area so until further notice, please don't use the bathroom here.  Um, doesn't that mean, go home? 

Anywho... this is all leading up to Windpant Winnie (not her actual name.  Said co-worker regularly espouses ridiculous commentary on cultural events, wears windpants as "business casual", saves ribbons from our work gift exchange, and is over the age of 70.)  She went to the eye doctor last week to get contacts.  He put them in her eyes to make sure they were the right ones.  Yesterday, she went for her follow up.  The eye doctor said, "You don't have any contacts in."  She disagreed.  She had not taken them out.  Looked again.  No contacts.  At which she reported that he had put them in her eyes LAST WEEK and she had not removed them.  Um, he had also taken them out of her eyes at that same first appointment and she HAD NO IDEA.  No clue.  She had not realized all week that she was not able to see.  Omg.  I question so many things in that story like who decides to wear contacts for the first time past the age of 70?  How did she not realize that the doctor had removed the corrective lenses?  Did she just think her vision had not improved?  Who wears contacts for a WEEK?  I could go on, but should refrain.

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Helen Hopkins said...

This made me laugh, outloud, with your Dad looking at me like I had lost it. I hope when I get OLD (I refuse to believe I am now) I don't do stupid things. I do some stupid things now but not THAT stupid. Maybe she is just blonde instead of old. I would love to have seen the Michael Jackson clothes, never leave your desk without your phone.