Saturday, December 31, 2011

As seen on TV

So I don't impulse buy.  Basically ever.  I like research.  I like lists.  I use a paper calendar.  I decided a while back that I wanted a curling iron now that my hair is longer.  Today, I decided it was "the day."  I have not researched at all so I bought an "As seen on TV" conair variety that came complete with Michael Jackson glove.
For real.  I has a three finger glove because there is no clamp for your hair.  Let me tell you, I'm not that coordinated.  The curls were AWESOME, however, the ends... .look like when you would curl with the pink foam curlers (yowsas) or hot rollers (which I used a LOT in 8th grade) and you didn't get the ends turned under (which is why I had my mom do the hot rollers for me.)  Soooooooo I returned to le grocery store and got a different one.  I had to admit to the girl in customer service I couldnt' use it (keep in mind only 1/3 of my hair is semi-curled.)  So I get another one only to bring it home and it WON'T TURN ON.  Soooooo the Dr. Black is returning it for me.  Love.  Twuuuuuuuu love.

I also bought some magic eraser for the under eyes.  I usually buy at a fancy counter, but today, HEB.  It's awesome. It is dreamy.

Oh, and in my alternate universe when I was originally checking out with the original curling iron the sweet high school girl asked me excitedly if I was going to curl my hair for NYE.  I just responded, "Yah!  I think so!"  Leading her to believe that we were not drinking wine and grilling steaks at our house with our sick baby and most likely I will get in bed and read my vampire book.  I thought she'd find that not as exciting.  Hey, I'm just trying to keep her dream alive.  Really, it was about her.

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