Wednesday, December 7, 2011

choo choo. down. mama. Ma-MAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

This was our afternoon.  G woke up kind of early from his nap which was fine because it's the perfect time to go see Danta (santa).  Only to get there and learn (via the lady behind me with one VERY VERY ADHD 9 year old boy) that it was an early release.  DANG IT.  Hello long line.

The train we rode last weekend was choo chooing around and G is basically obsessed with it.  He just kept saying "choo choo.  Where go?"

Finally our turn to see santa.  I go to set him in Santa's lap and he is clinging to me saying MAMA MAMA I set him down anyway because I'm a good mom who needs memories dang it.  Soon this brain will fade (kidding, that started with pregnancy) and I won't remember.  He cried the whole time even though I gave him a sucker.  After the pictures I rescued him and said, "Can you say bye bye to Santa?"  And through his big ol sad face tears he said, "bye bye, Danta."  Cutest.  thing.  ever.  Then I had to wait in line AGAIN to get the pics.

Prior to meltdown.

Where he pretends to fall down and say "uh ohhhhhhhhhhhhh."


Vickie said...

Priceless. It's a good thing santa doesn't take all these kids' reactions personally. It's enough to send SANTA to therapy :)

A.B. said...

It was awesome. I loved it. Is that wrong?