Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I look young?

So G$ and I bought some wine at the grocery store the other day and the checker CARDED me.  I was in heaven.  He then told me he was WAY off and thought I was MUCH younger.  Clearly, we are going to have a love affair.  I never get carded anymore.  I blame the baby.  Yet another reason for teen pregnancy?  That and the body bouncing back thing.  Pretty much just the body.  Damn you teenage girls.

Anyway, so in order to keep up this farce of youngevity I need some face help.  I know I've posted about this before, but I need some anti aging stuffs.  So what I've been doing is washing with dove extra sensitive or whatever bar, (I've re-introduced the clarisonic after buying a "sensitive" head), and then I use cetaphil cream as my moisturizer.  I know.  High maintenance, right?

(Please note I've also recently purchased a new facewash because it was in the checkout at sephora and basically got it for free... well, that or my bumble and bumble hair spray... also at the checkout.)

SO I was researching some anti aging stuff and here is a consideration--could I just buy a serum and put it in my cetaphil?  I use that cream all over.  I'm a one stop shop.  Fo sho.  I also buy the up and up brand because I'm frugal.

I've got forehead lines.  Me no likey.


Anonymous said...

If you are getting carded do you really think there needs to be a conversation about age defying creams? There are no miracle creams, just a lot of desperate people and rich cosmetic companies.
As for the forehead lines I hear Botox works great! Knock yourself out!

jill said...

don't laugh, but i use rubbing alcohol and j&j baby lotion. have since 7th grade when dwayne ford told me that's what his sister uses. anyway, i don't have acne nor do i have fine lines. and i'm frugal too.

Shaina said...

I would love some anti aging stuff as well, along with something to take care of the case of acne that has shown up on my face since I blogged about proactiv. jinxed myself - dammit!

I always read up on the expensive stuff and then I remind myself that I am WAY to cheap to buy it.

Christina Strigas said...

Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen! Any cream with spf is awesome for the skin. I rub some vitame E around my eyes. I hear vaseline works well, but too greasy for me. Love your write! You're hilarious...getting carded is the best feeling!!! I love going to the States just for ...I am from Canada, where carding is non-existent.

Denise&John said...

I have a time machine. Very cheap. JM