Wednesday, December 7, 2011


My tiny computer arrived today.  You may think... wait, didn't you get an ipad-ish thing?  And yes, yes I did.  However, I cannot type on it efficently or read blogs, or write emails, or upload pictures.  NOW I CAN.  easily.  And it's tiny.  And I can take it to bed.  Score.

All of this to mean that I am probably cooking my ovaries by keeping my computer in my lap in the evenings.  Seriously, I'm kind of worried about my future children.

I also worry about my current child.  The one who was super splashing around in the bath tub tonight.  Laid back on his back and was kicking his legs.  Having SO much fun.  It was adorable.  I was loving it.  Until a little turdlet floated up.  I had to dig a piece of poop out of the drain.

Being a mom is disgusting.  Is he too young for showers?  I don't think he can poop standing up.  


Kristi Thomsen said...

Not too early for showers...we, meaning my husband, took our little one in the shower from the time she was a couple months old. I was too afraid she would slip out of my hands and I would drop her! I waited til she was a little sturdier...she is almost 4 1/2. We both survived!
PS Hello!...stalker sister is Shaina (emmettcoulterbrown)

A.B. said...

Yay! I've always wanted a stalker that doesn't really have enough time for real life stalking. You're hired!!!

I attempted to reciprocate only to see that you have a three year old on your blog when you clearly stated having a 4.5 year old. Math isn't my thing, but something is telling me that you may need a tiny computer, too.

Shaina said...

Get that boy in the shower, he will love it and so will you. Pee goes straight down the drain so at least you know he won't be sitting in it. Emmett has only pooped in the bath once, and it was when my sis (the above stalker/non-blogger) gave it to him. Saved his auntie a little something special for that night. Too bad my niece was in there with him.
typing this on my tiny phone, tinier than you tiny new toy!

*longest post ever*

A.B. said...

Ben tried to tell me that my iphone was basically a tiny ipad. I'm liking this tiny lap toppy thing. The better to stalk you with.

Shaina said...

I like to borrow Courts ipad and run the battery down, and then forget to charge it. im a jerk.

Loosy said...

Are you kidding me with that smile?! Seriously. Ridic cute.