Monday, December 5, 2011

Did you know?

a couple of years ago on my bday.  With bevvies.  Pre child.  That's what my lack of chins says.
  • That I over think things?  Like, in that one swiffer commercial where the lady is talking in a pretend Texas accent in full out chaps saying, "I'm just a piece of dirt stuck here in a rut."  And then... it says "dramatization" on the screen.  Um, really?  We didn't realize she was pretending to be dirt and then throw herself onto a dust mop?  Or was the dramatization that the swiffer doesn't work as well as it does in that commercial?  Or that they don't think peoples floors are actually that dirty?  My floors are regularly that dusty.  (except when I steam mop 85 times... then still.  dog hairy.)
  • I don't know how to play the piano.  I wasn't allowed to have lessons because my sister took them.  We are not a musically inclined people.  (and because I did other things.  I didn't live a restricted life.)
  • At this one camp I went to the cool thing was you slept one night on this big huge swinging bridge over a ravine (creek), and the girl I slept next to I didn't like so I pushed her shoes overboard.  
  • I love buying people presents, and putting them in an excel file.  
  • I don't mind when Ben goes out of town occasionally.  I watch bad tv, eat cereal and drink wine for dinner, and read the interwebs in bed.  
  • I wait until G gets up from his nap to go to the bathroom.  Sometimes I think... if I keep waiting then I won't have to go later and occupy him while I pee.
  • I ate an entire role of mentos the other day after an impulse buy in all of 5 minutes.  My teeth are probably rotting.  But they are the fresh maker so it's ok.  Ps.  What the hell is a fresh maker?  Is that some word that was in spanish and didn't translate well because I would think the fresh maker would mean that your breath would smell all minty and clean but it doesn't.  
  • I make it sound like I have 80,000 cocktails a week when, in reality, it's only 70,000.  (meaning, I'm a lot of talk.)
  • I like new clothes.  I habitually buy black and white shirts.  
  • I continually think that I could be friends with celebs.  Like, good friends.  If only they gave me a chance.  And by famous people I typically mean their characters on TV--except Stacie and Clinton are real life.  Love them.  A lot.  I once emailed Clinton about guacamole.
  • I've told 2 people that this is the first year I've put up a tree in this house after living here for 4 years.  Then I talked to Ben and he reminded me that we put it up our first year... we just moved the egg crate over that was holding our tv so there was more space.  I am thankful for furniture.  
  • I giggle when they say "penetration" in football.  I'm simple.  I'm a 7th grade boy.  
  • I wear flip flops 12 months a year.
  • I'm embarking on my 6th team in training event in June.  I've fundraised for all of them.  I've raised over 17 thousand dollars... which is not even close to what it costs for ONE YEAR of education at my undergrad.  
  • I knew nothing about finances as senior in high school picking higher education.  
  • I drink well with others.  It's a lovable trait.  
  • This is a completely completely random post.  


jill said...

i drink well with others too. i also drink well by myself...sometimes, too well.

A.B. said...

OH, me too Jill! We should try this sometime. Together. So we aren't alone. I'll make T-shirts.

Shaina said...

Want to join me for a dinner party with my "friends" Ellen, Chelsea, Neil Patrick, Pink, Heidi, and Guy? The attire will be black/white because that is all I own as well. But, if you want to bring your friends Stacie and Clinton maybe they could help us...

that would be Degenerous, Handler, Harris, Pink, Klum and Fieri btw...

A.B. said...

Im for all parties involved. You had me at pink. Last name pink.

Shaina said...

please feel free to throw out a few more guest ideas, we wouldn't want an awkward number of people...

Jenny said...

Year round flip-flop wearing is the best.

A.B. said...

Not sure if John Stewart or Steven Colbert would ruin the party with their smarts. john is on my "list." So I will tell him to be on good behavior.

Shaina said...

love john as well, it's a toss up for his show or chelsea's for us every night. fantastic addition