Saturday, December 10, 2011

Today's the day! We're on our way-ish.

SINGLE PARENTING IS OVER TONIGHT!  Ben is back in the US and should be on his way back to the ATX.  He's sick.  He got sick while in the Japan, tried to believe it was something he ate (because y'all, he ate some weird shiz.)  but now he is realizing he's sick sick.

I had plans.  I'm a bad wife because I'm really disappointed I can't meet my friend to go running in the AM.  For the first time since October.  I mean, I've attempted since then, but it hasn't worked out--screaming kid, rain, cold, hangover.  I had PLANS.  I was going to go meander around Target at some point even though we don't need anything.  I was going to maybe go to the gap and return something.  I was going to do something BY MYSELF.  Oh, news flash.  I'm also a bad mom.

Anyone ever been there?  Where you need a day off?

I was going to wear my new running tights.  Le sigh.  Pity party.  Party of 1.


Beth Dunn said...

You are not a bad parent. We all need time to ourselves

CDS said...

Ummm I need alone time EVERYDAY! I'm with Beth on this're not a bad mom. I mean I want to leave work and go to Target...jsut because... ;) xoxo

Cate said...

Just catching up on your blog after forever... I think Bill was in China the same time Ben was in Japan! They should have gotten together ('cause, you know, they were so close to each other...) I completely feel your pain about having plans and being READY not to be a single parent anymore... Bill didn't come back sick, but the jet lag has been bad enough this week... I do not know how people really do this on their own!

Hope you got to Target eventually. And maybe even out for a pedicure.

A.B. said...

Cate, welcome to my party! it's always a party if you're there. I did eventually go to target AND get a pedicure. I'm totally over jetlag... in case anyone was wondering. OVER IT.
I wish you lived closer!