Wednesday, December 14, 2011


They sound sweet, they occupy G$ at the grocery store, and we still have one lodged in a tree from his bday... in July.

Want to know what makes them less sweet?  When they are lodged in your face.  This is right friends.  Yesterday I had what Ben calls a "face enlargening surgery."  You can read more about it here under Balloon Sinuplasty.  I also had a turbinate reduction.  So six balloons (three on each side) and a drill maneuver on both sides and somehow I miss the fact that it would hurt.  I think it was all overshadowed by the fact that I got to take an antianxiety pill.  I know, I shouldn't admit that I was interested, but I was.  Well, I didn't really take it early enough, apparently, and apparently I'm not super susceptible to the numbing agents, and I'm OVERLY susceptible to the endorphin shot that makes my heart race (also reduces bleeding?)  Well, it hurt like a mo'fo and gave me a raging headache.

And THAT is how balloons are not fun.  Other than the whole fear I have that one will pop and I will swallow it and suffocate.  Thanks, mom.

All in all though, the recovery is not bad at all.  I will hopefully stop saying "my face hurts" all of the time because I will be CURED.  I mean, I heard all of the muscles and cartilage move.  MOVE.  I heard it.  It was kind of awesome.

But I'll leave you with this.  My baby likes to use the potty (actually has gone in it THREE TIMES) before bathtime... but only while wearing a beaded necklace.  He also drinks bathwater... which I find to be disgusting.  And the reason that he sits on the potty prior to bathtime.


Jenny said...

Sorry about the balloons in your face, friend! Hope you feel better soon.

Sidenote: I also only go potty if I get to wear a beaded necklace.

CDS said...

When did you change the design? Uber cute!

Beth Dunn said...

That does not sound fun or pleasant. Hope you feel better soon!