Saturday, December 3, 2011

Last year at this time...

This little peanut was 4 months old.  Ben went to Japan and we were home alone and I was obsessively reading the Hunger Games.  G was still living in our bathroom.  Which meant that we had basically moved out of our own room and took showers and everything upstairs.  This is G$ in the bumbo realizing how handsome he is while I'm getting dressed for work.  Upstairs. This is the time when clothes LIVED on our dining room table because well, I couldn't ever put them away.  Now our clothes mostly live in "laundry chair" that resides in our room where the once occupied by the glider.  PS. G now lives in his room.  And he's 16 months old.  And rode on a train today (at the mall.  With train conductor Kyle who also referenced himself as a professional whistler.... who has memorized over 100 disney songs.)  Conductor Kyle was a little creepy, but a good driver through a crowded mall.  I think he has a bright future.

All Aboard! 

Dare devil went back on after our ride was done.  Gotta pose.

He's been saying "Choo Choo" since we left.  Thankfully, not yet whistling Disney songs.

As Ben absolutely did not leave for Japan this morning, and it's raining for the next zillion days, we've got to fill our time and I don't think G likes obsessively cleaning as much as I do so I guess I'll do that after he goes to bed.

So until then I'm developing games.  Or something.  Getting paint?  Decorating our house?  Actually putting up stockings?  TBD.

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