Monday, December 19, 2011

chit chit chit chit chit

So Ms. Maggie Mae has been peeing in the floor lately.  I mean, I know she's dumb, but she IS potty trained.  Today, G and I got home from an errand and she didn't get up to greet us.  So to the vet she went, and almost $300 later, the vet basically told me that he thinks it's behavioral.  Awesome.  So because we came in from the car, and basically immediately left, and my child had pooped his pants I had to change his diaper on the vet table.

Good parenting?

The other day I dropped Mac N Cheese on the floor and said, "shit." to which G responded "chit chit chit chit chit".

Amazing parenting?

Today my baby said a SENTENCE.  "I done mama."

I probably deserve an award.


Vickie said...

You done good, mama :)

A.B. said...

Only minutes away from him asking for more Tyler. And sushi.

jill said...

well chit! congrats on the sentence. boo on the bad doggy behavior.

Meg said...

Your child is younger and smarter than mine....although, mine has been saying "chit" for a while now....but when he says it in front of people, i claim he is asking for chips....which might be worse than him cussing...Im not sure....

A.B. said...

Well, Ben THOUGHT he taught him "chit" today, but I had to confess that it has happened before.

Meg, he also walks into mexican food places and DEMANDS chips. He's all mine. He also had his first queso experience and licked queso off of chips and demanded more.