Tuesday, December 20, 2011

gender differences

So yesterday we got new tires for the wagon (the vulva, as ben's friends call it... which still makes me laugh.  Yes, I realize it's sexist.  Still funny), paid a zillion dollars for a dog I currently want to strangle, and Ben broke his iphone4.  Yes, I am saying Iphone4 because it's pertains to the following conversation.

me:  So did you get the new iphone?
B: no, I got the new version of my old one.
me: So you did get the newest one?
B:  no.
me: So you got an iphone4?
B:  yes, a new version though without scratches and stuff.

Um, so then just say that you got the same one.  I realize it's new.

Our brains do not work the same.  at all.

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CDS said...

Oh Boyfriend Ben! ;)