Saturday, December 3, 2011

Our day in a nutshell.

It's a rainy day here. Finally. It's supposed to rain for the next 5 days or something crazypants. So I put together a goodl ol' cardboard box today (and buy put together, I mean put things inside of.) I do not like the noise of cardboard so this is PURE LOVE GRIFFIN, PURE LOVE. It's an activity box filled with shiz we already own. SURPRISE. MOMMY LOVES YOU. I read about it on some blog as a toddler activity that kept her kid busy for 45 minutes.

My child has never done anything for 45 minutes. Ever.

We had a really awesome afternoon going from thing to thing to thing, though. And he's pretty funny. With a new love of blowing his nose (complete with blowing noise) and pretending to go night night in random places. He just lays down and says "ni-ni".

Also new--he randomly points at things and says, "nnnnnnnnno."  Thank you Frannie.  A girl at his daycare says this.  it's awesome.  Or less awesome.  Depends on if it's your kid or not, I suppose.

He is also not a fan of spaghetti which makes me question if he's mine.  And uses yogurt as a dipping sauce for whatever he's eating.  Gross.

And I put out Christmas decorations.  Win.  And cleaned the kitchen.  I've yet to tackle laundry chair because well, she's a bitch.  She will take you in, steal your underpants, and taunt you.  Just asking you to put all of your laundry on her.  Then she'll inspire you.  Take your clothes.  Put them on the bed.  You'll put them away before you go to bed and then she's all TAKE THAT SUCKA you're just putting all of those clothes back on me!  What?  It doesn't happen to anyone else?

Should I mention again that I used to pretend to be Annie when doing my house work growing up?  Active imagination.  Full force.
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Heidi Bruch said...

He is so handsome. Dying that you are at a loss with 5 days of rain. Hello-it rains here until July 5th....stir crazy already! That's it-heading south.

CDS said...

What a fun fun day! I need to put one of these boxes together! :)

Vickie said...

I need some jammies like those!

A.B. said...

@Heidi, we have been in a crazy drought. Seriously, we used our pool through OCTOBER (in the front yard... don't judge.) You rainy northwestern moms are resourceful, FOR SURE!
@Ceci it was fun! He's also a big fan of the jingle bell wreath from the $spot at target
@Vickie--for you or for Mr. T?