Sunday, December 4, 2011

mom jeans.

I went to the gap the other day.  As I'm known to do.  And the lady who works there, Lisa, she knows me.  And the G$.  (It's all by it's lonesome so no mall going required.  SCORE.)  Anyway, I tried on a pair of jeans and then told Ben about them.

Me:  I saw Lisa today (roll of eyes from Dr.) and tried on a pair of jeans at the Gap.  I liked them because they come up a little higher.

Ben:  mouth open.  wow.  For when you stop being a woman and start being a mom?  Are you there?

Me:  Gap doesn't sell mom jeans!  (... but I know they used to.  I think that style has chosen to remain only in the LL Bean  catalog.  At the gap it used to be the "relaxed" fit though... I had some.  In the 90's.)

I'm a mom though.  Might as well start looking the part.

They were long and lean's.  In case you were wondering.


Deana said...

The higher rise is coming back. Not mom Jean rise, but higher than whale-tail. Don't fret.

And stop hatin', Dr. Black. You're married to one of the best dressed mom I know.

CDS said...

Nothing wrong with a little higher hides the muffin handles. :) xoxo

Meg said...

Something tells me that he still wants into those mom jeans...:)

A.B. said...

Meg, are you saying Ben wears ladies jeans?


Thanks Deaner. ANd YES Ceci.. I prefer to call them babyfat.