Thursday, November 19, 2009

ANT (petite) model

I won't lie. I'm a little disappointed in last nights results. I've never watched this show except when I would have a loungy day on the couch and catch up on a marathon of old episodes so this was a big deal for me to watch this season currently.

Here are things I noticed.
1. Tyra is crazypants and a little gangsta and makes up words that aren't as good as my made up words and she uses poor grammar.
2. Should I have seen this show in the past I would note that at the ceremony at the end the girls never got to wear heals and I'm thinking this was to make them look a lot shorter.
3. Sundai. I would not have kept Sundai for her model or talking potential, but out of sympathy.
4. Is Nicole Asperger's or what?
5. She takes amazing photogs.
6. I kind of wish for a big ol' mop of hair.
7. I love Laura--even though she also uses awful grammar--she is both dyslexic and can castrate a cow, ya'll.
8. I love that Laura loves her grandma and that she makes her clothes.
9. I love that Laura doesn't look grossly thin.
10. I love her pictures.

Ben would also, I'm sure, want you to note that he also would have liked Laura to win.

This house is not divided. We watched a little ANTM followed by a Glee chaser. Life is complete.

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