Monday, November 30, 2009

30 days has November...

This month I participated in the NoBloPoMo test. The goal was to blog everyday for the month of November. I'll tell you right now... I failed. Perhaps I'll get some "make-up" posts done later today? I'm not sure that those will count, but they would at least get me to 30.

Hmmm news news news November... tbd.

Thanksgiving was fabulous. I spent a lot of time loving on my adorable nephew. He's basically the cutest baby ever. I'm sure you're all... wow, you're biased. Here is the truth. He IS the cutest baby ever--just ask my mom should you need confirmation. I spent a lot of time doing a lotta nothin'. Sad to say, but on Friday I didn't event venture outside or to the shower. I count that as a successful nothing day.

This weekend I'm looking at POSSIBLY running for the first time since the dreaded marathon. We'll see how that motivation factor rises. I'm also thinking of joining the Y this week! YAY classes. I love a group workout. I'm also looking forward to participating in a bootcamp (at a reduced member rate. SCORESTOWN.) This week will also include a pot roast (slow cooked for 10 hours while I'm working), New Moon, Happy hour with TNT alums, hair coloring (thank you jebus), and maybe some Christmas shopping.

All in all--a good week.

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