Friday, November 20, 2009

like a vampire in the sun.

It's finally somewhat cold here! However, cold and rainy was not what I was particularly looking for. I did find what I was looking for today. It is a right hand diamond ring. It's beautiful and perfect and at a store that is going out of business--therefore discounted. (It looks a little bit like this, only smaller and the diamonds don't go all the way around.)

Ben told me that I have sparkly fever.

It's true. I have a problem. I like things that sparkle. I want more. I want some for my ears. Some for my right hand. Maybe an anniversary ring at some point. (It IS 5 years in January.)

I do not base my worth off of my amount of sparkly jewelry. I am however drawn to most things that shine. Glitter was a staple in high school and college. I like shirts with sequins. I love a rhinestone. Vampires in the sun are dazzling.

So there. First step complete. I have a problem.

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