Monday, November 30, 2009

30 days has November...

This month I participated in the NoBloPoMo test. The goal was to blog everyday for the month of November. I'll tell you right now... I failed. Perhaps I'll get some "make-up" posts done later today? I'm not sure that those will count, but they would at least get me to 30.

Hmmm news news news November... tbd.

Thanksgiving was fabulous. I spent a lot of time loving on my adorable nephew. He's basically the cutest baby ever. I'm sure you're all... wow, you're biased. Here is the truth. He IS the cutest baby ever--just ask my mom should you need confirmation. I spent a lot of time doing a lotta nothin'. Sad to say, but on Friday I didn't event venture outside or to the shower. I count that as a successful nothing day.

This weekend I'm looking at POSSIBLY running for the first time since the dreaded marathon. We'll see how that motivation factor rises. I'm also thinking of joining the Y this week! YAY classes. I love a group workout. I'm also looking forward to participating in a bootcamp (at a reduced member rate. SCORESTOWN.) This week will also include a pot roast (slow cooked for 10 hours while I'm working), New Moon, Happy hour with TNT alums, hair coloring (thank you jebus), and maybe some Christmas shopping.

All in all--a good week.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

My vitamin tried to kill me.

This morning I took my vitamin and literally gagged. Those things are supposed to make me healthy and there it is trying to kill me.

This is precisely why I should be eating Flintstones vitamins.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Dear Turkey Trotters,

Dear Turkey Trotters,

I know that this is billed as a "family event." I know that you are pretty poorly run for a race of 38,000 people. However, you should send notices to participants to be aware of their surroundings. I love babies. I do. I also love families. What I do not like is when a family of 5 and a gigantic jogger stops in the middle of the road and looks around for people. You are in my way. You are in the way of my running 10 feet. Walking. Avoiding walkers in jeans, purses, and uggs. And running 10 more feet.

So, if you could remedy this for next year that would be great.
Also, middle school and high school girls--i know that you really like to link arms and walk side by side, but when there are 8 of you, it is difficult for the rest of us to break through your wall of awkwardness.
However, I will end on a positive note... 3.1 miles, you are so much shorter and glorious than 26.2 miles. Me love you long time.



Tuesday, November 24, 2009


So at work on Monday (wait, was that yesterday?) we had some amazing bbq brought in for the staff. There is TONS left over (2 full gallon bags--plus sides.) So, clearly, people intended to eat this for lunch again today. Someone apparently felt that there would be a mass consumption of said bbq before the lunchtime hour. So, said person created a plate, put a paper towel over it and hid it in a corner in the kitchen.

Really? Necessary? Really?

No. It isn't. (Just in case you were wondering.)

Monday, November 23, 2009

I'm scrappy.

I received an award from Jillie Side Up, Thanks Jill! Jill's blog is filled with life stories that will make you stop, sit a minute, and think. Then it will make you think about breakfast and everything in between.

Here are the rules.
  1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link it to their blog.
  2. Share "10 honest things" about yourself.
  3. Present this award to 7 other blogs you find brilliant in content and/or design, or who have encouraged you.
  4. Tell those 7 people they have been awarded an Honest Scrap Award and inform them of the guidelines.

10 honest things about me

  1. I did not shower today.
  2. I used to eat ramen noodles--raw.
  3. I have a scar on my left knee from a field day incident in 3rd grade. I won.
  4. My competitive streak has decreased SUBSTANTIALLY since high school.
  5. I wish there was voice transplant surgery. I desperately want to be a good singer.
  6. I've been married almost 5 years.
  7. If I mess up the order of the way I do things in the shower I inevitably forget to wash my hair.
  8. For the last year I crave pizza once a week.
  9. I do a very good job of pretending to be interested.
  10. I wouldn't lock the doors to our house if it was up to me.

I nominate.....

1. Mrs. Preppy. She is lovely and glamorous... and has amazing eye lashes.

2. Nicolita. She's creative, obsessed with spray paint, and dramatically humorous.

3. Clever Girl Goes Blog. I find infinite wisdom and snark here. It makes me laugh out loud.

4. Itty Bitty. Cuteness and hope abound at this site. It's full of inspiration and savings!

5. Momma Said there'd be days...I love when people have babies (cutely dressed ones at that) and don't lose themselves!

6. I hate so much. Visit Maxi... over at her pad. She will shock you, make you think and make you laugh... and probably talk about pee.

7. Emily Getting Married. Emily got married and it was fabulous. I added her because I want more updates.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

I know this is not good...

not a good post that is. I'm trying to do my 30 days of November, but I'll be honest. I'm real tired right now and just got home from a board meeting about 3o minutes ago. I will say--I won an award from an awesome blogger. I'll reveal more about who she is and what IT is tomorrow.

Watch out.

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Today was my first Saturday to not have to run in FOREVER. Our training is literally a 6 month event with our long runs being on Saturday. Today, I woke up and then laid in bed (thinking about how I had to use the facilities but didn't want to get up.) Finally got out of bed... went and got my hair trimmed, went to anthropologie (decided I couldn't buy anything), then went to a massage, got a burger and fries, and went to a friends house. Pretty thrilling!

I also have a coupon to Barnes and Noble so the real question of the day is...

What books are you reading/loving?

Friday, November 20, 2009

like a vampire in the sun.

It's finally somewhat cold here! However, cold and rainy was not what I was particularly looking for. I did find what I was looking for today. It is a right hand diamond ring. It's beautiful and perfect and at a store that is going out of business--therefore discounted. (It looks a little bit like this, only smaller and the diamonds don't go all the way around.)

Ben told me that I have sparkly fever.

It's true. I have a problem. I like things that sparkle. I want more. I want some for my ears. Some for my right hand. Maybe an anniversary ring at some point. (It IS 5 years in January.)

I do not base my worth off of my amount of sparkly jewelry. I am however drawn to most things that shine. Glitter was a staple in high school and college. I like shirts with sequins. I love a rhinestone. Vampires in the sun are dazzling.

So there. First step complete. I have a problem.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

ANT (petite) model

I won't lie. I'm a little disappointed in last nights results. I've never watched this show except when I would have a loungy day on the couch and catch up on a marathon of old episodes so this was a big deal for me to watch this season currently.

Here are things I noticed.
1. Tyra is crazypants and a little gangsta and makes up words that aren't as good as my made up words and she uses poor grammar.
2. Should I have seen this show in the past I would note that at the ceremony at the end the girls never got to wear heals and I'm thinking this was to make them look a lot shorter.
3. Sundai. I would not have kept Sundai for her model or talking potential, but out of sympathy.
4. Is Nicole Asperger's or what?
5. She takes amazing photogs.
6. I kind of wish for a big ol' mop of hair.
7. I love Laura--even though she also uses awful grammar--she is both dyslexic and can castrate a cow, ya'll.
8. I love that Laura loves her grandma and that she makes her clothes.
9. I love that Laura doesn't look grossly thin.
10. I love her pictures.

Ben would also, I'm sure, want you to note that he also would have liked Laura to win.

This house is not divided. We watched a little ANTM followed by a Glee chaser. Life is complete.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I'm a user.

I'm a user of the DC. I was reading about it today and how bad/not bad it is for you--you know, because everyone has an opinion. There are so many stupid people on the internet. There are people saying that 3-4 sodas a day is no problem, and people who say that you "use" diet coke.
I find myself in neither category. I don't need a fix. I don't get the shakes, but I do enjoy a little caffeine in the mornings (and sometimes in the afternoons.) (and sometimes in my adult beverages.)
So one a day... what's the verdict? What's your vice?

why oh why

Do some people at doctors offices offer too much information. Please do not over share with me.

Monday, November 16, 2009

The race.

So I finished. An hour later than I did last year. And an hour and 20 minutes slower than I had planned. I was pretty disappointed in that. However, I raised $3200 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. I reached, actually surpassed my goal amount. I am 158% over my goal, and that is pretty awesome.

Also awesome? My friend who stayed with me the entire time. I would not have made it the entire 26.2 miles without her. Around mile 8 I knew that things weren't going well. I just didn't feel "right." Partly, my body, partly that I had been sick the week before, partly that it was 94% humidity and THE MIDDLE OF NOVEMBER! Not perfect race weather--general consensus.

I am thankful that I could do it. I am thankful for my cheerleaders (Ben, mom, dad, Courtney, Elliott, Megan, Scooter,Adine and Joe at the end, and my team...and ALL of those cheering on the sidelines.) Though I'm disappointed in my performance I'm encouraged by the fundraising--the money that goes to patients and to research for a cure for blood cancers. I cannot say enough about how amazing Team in Training really is. You should join. Become relentless for the cure. I promise that you will make new friends, hear amazing stories, and change your life.

Thank you to each of you who thought about us yesterday!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Complete fear.

That's what I have going into this weekend. Fear, and the excitement of sleeping in a big hotel bed... which could outweigh the fear.

Sitting downstairs while my family is getting dressed... slow process.

Luckily, everytime my parents come visit they bring me shiz of mine that they no longer want. I say they have no memories... and no filter. My mom this time brought me things like--old shampoo, tights from my senior year of cheerleading, an old bra, an old formal purse etc etc. Ridiculous. She needs an intervention on throwing stuff away.

Reaction formation. Reaction formation. Reaction formation.

Glad the fam could come! My sister and nephew will be meeting us there tomorrow. Pictures to follow!

Friday, November 13, 2009

That's the power of pinesol, baby.

Also to note... because I have not showered, and I cleaned my house last night (mopped, vacced, swept, dusted, etc (not in that order) I smell slightly of cleaning products covered by burberry weekend.

Daaammmnnnn I'm cute.

Ok, not exactly my words this morning (as I somehow lost time tweezing my eye brows and didn't have time to shower.) I'm not working ALL day and will shower around 2 so it's ok... just go with it.

Anyway, I did get dressed and think, huh, I look kinda cute today. Then I gave one final glance in the mirror and saw a water spot on my shirt. Good thing I noticed, at least it will dry before I get to work.... negative. Turns out... not a water spot. Perhaps it is facewash. Either way, it's not going anywhere and it is directly...on my bauble.

Bonus to being me? I love jackets and am cold all the time. I have at least 3 jackets in the back seat of my car and at least 2 in my office (now 3 as I brought a blazer today.) You maybe thinking, wait... don't you live in South Texas where it has not really ventured below 75 and it's the middle of NOVEMBER?? (That was said with extreme loudness as I am highly annoyed with this weather that some call perfect, and I call interrupting my jacket wearing ability and/or purchasing.)

Another annoyance--in this perfect 75 degree sunny weather... on Sunday, race day, there is a chance of rain and it's supposed to be even warmer!!! HUMIDITY ALERT. I was hoping to merely glisten during these 26.2 miles not sweat like when you're wearing silk and giving a presentation and are highly aware of pit stains.

I was hoping to end this post with "damn it feels good to be a gangsta" but alas... It's not good to be a gangsta if you have a stain on your shirt and all of your friends are laughing at you and probably going to beat you up later because you aren't showing pride in your affiliation. And then I'm going to have to probably rob a bank or a convenience store or something, and maybe off someone. TBD.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

It can't be wrong...

When it feels so right.

Today at work we are having a "recipe exchange." What this means is that 2x a year everyone brings fattening delicious recipes and we feast for about 45 minutes. Yum. With our recent health conscious stride we encouraged people to either bring something healthy or to partner with someone else and one person make the fattening version and one person make the healthier version. Let me tell you... these people hate health. The amount of butter I've heard of in a majority of the recipes, along with condensed milk, is amazing crazy.

So what did I do to prepare? Other thank make a delicious cooking light recipe? I didn't eat breakfast. Is this sad? Prepared? Awesome? Maybe a little of all three? Another sad statement... yesterday on the way home I stopped at Taco Cabana and bought queso and tortillas and ate them for dinner. I really wanted to go to happy hour, but hubster had things to do. I'm not sure that counts for justification or not, but it's the truth.

So for the last week I just haven't been super hungry (except for queso). I've been on my meds for this cold/allergy madness and I think it's affecting my appetite. I'm not going to super complain except for the fact that I really like eating. I couldn't even finish my ONE roll on Monday night when we went for weekly sushi. Granted, we have had tortilla chips at work all week and I keep walking by and taking a handful... so it isn't that I'm not getting enough calories everyday, just not the good ones.

Chances of me eating a stick of butter and a lb of bacon today? Pretty high.

(concern. Spell check does not recognize "queso."

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Did I mention I'm running a marathon?

... on Sunday. This Sunday. Four days away, Sunday.

Did I also mention that I've been sick for a week? I've been diligently taking my meds, resting, not running and today... because it still isn't gone, I went in for a steroids shot.

Don't link this information to the press. I could be disqualified for drug use in a professional event. So as to not let the authorities in on the information I will run at a slow speed and probably collapse--you know, just for effect.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Flying Robots

Ben was telling me that he was working on his blog.

AB--What are you blogging about?
BB--Flying Robots.
AB--Oh, right... I did that earlier, too.

Sometimes the amount of difference between us is astounding. Case in point.

I just found a stick of gum in my purse that I have no idea how old it is. I chewed it. So is the life of a simple woman.

Over wine.

I love sleep. I really do. I cherish it. I look forward to days when Ben is out of town so that I can get into bed at 9 and read and then fall asleep by 9:45. Granted, I still get in bed by like 10 on most days... sometimes 10:30. Watch out!

If you know me, you also know that I like to have my space. I especially like to have my space while sleeping. I sleep with 2 fans so that I do not get hot. I don't want to cuddle for fear of night sweats. I want a bigger bed. I want a big temperpedic mattress that I could put a glass of wine on and jump up and down and it doesn't fall over. I want for that mattress to be king sized. I want for my husband to not hit me in the face 3x a night by accident. It makes me not happy and makes me drop the f bomb which is usually reserved for when I'm having personal time in the car and stupid drivers make me lose my shiz.

Other things I want... in no particular order (nor is this a complete list.) I had to edit this because Linzie said it wasn't a good enough list.
  • The eradication of dog hair. I hate it. A lot.
  • Some new trouser jeans which I can't find anywhere--which could mean that they are no longer in style, but I don't care.
  • Someone to pay all of my bills.
  • a gym membership (this is directly tied to other items on the list.)
  • someone to send me good books
  • new running clothes. I have a problem.
  • new clothes in general
  • a pair of really expensive shoes
  • a fancy watch. I think they connotate awesomeness. Mine currently is a timex that cost $30 and I wear it everyday. Plastic and all.
  • a right hand ring (apparently she thinks this is lame because it's attainable. I reminded her that clearly it isn't because I do not have one.... well, except the fancy blingy one I'm wearing right now that I bought on clearance at banana.)
  • a massage. I woke up with neck pain today. Mostly like I have spinal meningitis because it hurts to touch my chin to my neck. That or I have too many chins.
  • Houses on the beach, Italy, other places that are fabulous and I have a billion dollars and can visit them whenever I want. This would also make me highly popular with my friends and they could stay there for their vacays for free.
  • paid maternity leave (not that I'm preggo, but someday hope to be and it would be awesome to get paid)
  • for it to be Wednesday night and be watching Glee (and having some vino)
  • someone to pay all of my student loans. This would make me infinitely more wealthy than I am currently. Student loans also make me drop the f-bomb. And that's just not ladylike, ya'll.
  • a facial. You can take this to mean new skin. I'm happy to pay for it with my dollars.

I mean, it isn't too much to ask for all of those things, right?

I also got over wined last night. Over wined and under fed ='s me falling asleep on the couch and missing the end of House.

Monday, November 9, 2009

What has this come to?

So I joined this challenge to do 30 posts in 30 days. Usually, I just blog when things come to me, or when they happen--or when I'm intentionally trying to decipher the words of the Lord. Ok, that last part wasn't true, but I wanted to have a 3rd option. Anyway, now that I've joined this challenge I find myself without thoughts. Or at least, not intriguing thoughts.

Just now I was talking with Ben and he told me about how he called this guy (because he's borrowing something from him) and his ring on his phone was weird and then it went to voicemail, but there was no greeting. Immediately my mind went to, well maybe he's a drug dealer and you need a code. Apparently, I watch too much Law and Order. It's like when I got my N64 and played a lot of perfect dark and would go places and wonder if I could fit through air vents in case of an emergency or if I was fighting off bad people. I'm highly susceptible, but this isn't news.

My race is in 6 days and for some reason, I'm not very nervous. I'm not sure if this is good or bad. I'm leaning towards bad. I haven't been as on top of all of my runs this season. I'm still battling my cold. I don't have any new jeans. (That last one also thrown in for effect because I don't ever want to run in jeans. However, I would like to replace my old trouser jeans and wear them this weekend in San Antonio and I'm having difficulty finding a pair I want online.)

Basically, I'm not sure I'm 30 days of blog posts worthy. I committed to the challenge and I'll attempt to push through. Maybe I'll take an ambien and have a glass of wine and see where my creativity leads. Keep your eyes posted for that one. It should be filled with spelling errors, theme, and gramatical consistency--and probably some oversharing.

Then again you could get lucky this week as I also need to clean my house. Maybe I'll get high on Kaboom-foamtastic.

Ps. I really do like law and order.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

The great outdoors

We went camping yesterday/last night. Super fun. I really enjoy getting out of the city, even if it's only 45 minutes away. This was unlike any camping area I've been to before--because it wasn't a state park. And, turns out, basically we camped in the middle of a lake. Nope, no snorkel gear necessary. All that was needed was an extreme drought. Check. Taken care of.

Go to this google map. Out there where those trees are in the middle of the lake?? THAT is where our tents where set up.

It was kind of awesome that we weren't all smushed up against other people (for our general shenanigans.) Unfortunately it wasn't cold. I was well prepared with 3 jackets and many layers. Which is my problem with packing. I've gotten SO much better. I usually end up with only one or 2 shirts not used. This time, not so much. It's when the weather is in flux that I have general anxiety about packing.

This morning we were sitting around after breakfast and talking about a group that it took about 2 hours to pack their things up. They had kids. My friend was like, well when you have kids you have to take a pack in play, toys, lots of clothes for the weather, jackets, blankets. Ben and I both were like... this is sounding very familiar. Basically, I'm a small child who requires quite a bit of entertainment, food, drinks, clothes, jackets, and probably 14 pairs of underwear. Yah, it's true, should I be in an emergency, you know like stranded in the desert or something and all I had was my bag that I had packed, I'd probably be set--especially if I am stranded and have a lot of "accidents." Safe.

Either way, it was fun. It was nice to get home, take a nap, not clean my house, get a pedicure, and watch a little Law and Order. I heart camping that isn't really camping because it always includes bacon.

Friday, November 6, 2009


SO I always have the thought that it wouldn't be so bad to be sick--think of the luxury, some time off, some time on the couch, a lot of rest. Then it happens--not quite the way I imagined. Yesterday I started feeling bad. This morning I decided I'd go to the doctor because I MUST be better for my marathon next weekend. I'm relatively sure the same thing happened at the same time last season. (Which still leads me to believe that running marathons makes me sick.)

What I find though... is that I can lay on the couch, but laundry still piles up, the house gets messy, I don't really watch much tv, and I miss vital things (like dinner with friends.) I'm not very good at being lazy. (I'm not very good at running marathons either, but that's neither here nor there.)

So the next time I'm thinking of a little sickness--maybe you should remind me that it's not all it's cracked up to be kind of like the first, last episode of Scrubs.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

a woman of your age.

So it's November (and still like 80 degrees here. Suck!) November also is the time of the year that I have ALLLLLLL of my doctors appointments. Physical, yearly, eye doc etc. (Ok. Just those 3, but it's a lot.)

Yesterday was my eye doc appointment. My eyes have gotten worse as I had feared from the recent blurring of the computer screen. I also apparently have dry eyes (which I've heard before) and for a woman of "my age" something something something... I quit listening because he said, "A woman of your age!" The nerve. Does he not realize that I haven't even been 30 for 2 weeks! Apparently he does not know that you don't say this to women of my age. Perhaps I'll send an anonymous note?

Dear Dr. Dotson,

I appreciate you and your polo shirts and very advanced technology at your office. However, when you mention the words "woman of your age" it makes me feel old. I am not old even though the old women at my office believe I should have three kids by now. I am young. I am able. Please offer me some wrinkle cream next time I'm in... or perhaps some bifocals and a werthers original.

a concerned and aging patient.

PS. I just went to the grocery store to buy some soup (and have a cold) and sneezed on myself. Twice. I'm a hot mess.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Bull fights equal illness

So on Tuesdays my running group meets up to run hills. I typically do not join because
1. I do not like hills.
2. I hate traffic and I hate stupid people who are inevitably on the road at 6pm. It's usually too far away from my house
But, starting last week and this week it is closer and the course is FLAT, (thank you Tom Cruise,) because we are in our downward spiral to the marathon!

Last night I convinced one of my friends from last season to join us because we were going to a girls night afterwards (and who likes to show up sweaty and alone?) We go, she only makes it half way and goes back. I am running and about 1/4 mile from our end point when....this happens.
I wasn't bull fighting. Nothing of the sort. I wasn't running from the law or large animal with snot and hot breath and horrible hygiene chasing me. No, just simply running and not noticing a speed bump. Then, in slow motion, I watched myself skid to the ground. I scuffed up my hand and my knee--like in third grade.

Now I'm not going to say that these things are related but--today I feel like crap. Sore throat which KILLS when I sneeze. Stuffy ears.

What I think the universe is telling me is that running gives you bruises, makes you sweaty, and most likely gives you a cold--just like bull fighting.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Bring. it. on.

So I'm going to attempt this challenge. You know how i love to put myself up against something daunting. I'm going to attempt to blog everyday. Not sure this will work as I finally brought some magazines to work that I've been meaning to bring for 2 weeks. Oops.

You can also check out Elizabeth's blog. She's also taking the challenge of 30 posts in 30 days. (and she isn't from the US and spells colors "colours" and I totally appreciate that.)

The weekend was fantabulous, as noted by pictures. I also volunteered at Race for the Cure (pictures will be posted later.) I also had 2 nights of 12+ hours 0f sleep which have basically transformed me into a new person. I could probably save the world from hideous attire today, but I'm going to leave that to someone else.

So I thought I'd see who has some embarrassing moments they'd like to share. I was trying to come up with some the other day and they all started flooding back.

Getting shingles and having to go to the grocery store and buy valtrex.
Passing out in that same grocery store and having the EMT people drive me to my car on a hospital bed.

Really, the possibilities are endless.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween

I went as a UT undergrad. They have a distinctive flavor of dress. Basically, I think of costumes on November 1 and then not again until like 3 days before October 31. Then I'm like... wait, what do I have in my closet so I don't have to purchase anything? I had the necessities for this outfit. Northface denali, nike tempos, white men's undershirt, uggs, hippy necklace.

Ben chose to go as a douche bag. Graphic tee, blue tooth headset at all times (you know, because he's really important), a white belt with studs and gigantic sunglasses--and most importantly, a fo-hawk.

If you wanted to know what true love looks like... this is it.