Monday, March 15, 2010

Confessions of a shopaholic...

who obsessively shops online and in stores but rarely buys things unless they are an amazing deal.

(My husband may disagree with the "rarely" purchasing things, but this is my blog and my perception is my reality.)

So we went to the Dr's. appointment on Friday at 9 am! Then finally they called us back around 9:30 and did the ultra sound... then I had to hold my pee for fo-eva while we waited for my obgyn appointment. This is not pleasant. It makes Ben laugh how I look expectantly EVERY TIME someone opened the door to come out and they did not call my name. It's a sad predicament. Everything looks normal. Everything is average which I suppose is what you're hoping for at this point. The ultrasound was really cool. They even did a couple of 3d images (apparently covered by our insurance, who knew?) So, while creepy and bizarre--it's also awesome because we got to see HIS features! (Yes, it's a boy--a boy who did not acquire my modesty and was clear to show us all of his business.)

He TOTALLY looks like Ben, but with my nose. How weird that we can tell this at 5 months in utero?!? So, my predictions (though it wasn't super firm, I did have an idea) were correct. Ben was going girl, but I think he was just hoping girl for me. I won't lie that I had a minor breakdown later in the afternoon and was sad about him not being a girl. I'm just being honest. Judge judge judge away. I mean, I LOVE this baby who is super active and super flexible (he holds his feet above his head with his hands!), but I will miss girl bonding. I told Ben we could just keep having kids until one was a girl. This idea was not approved.

My parents came on Saturday and brought the crib (hells yes, for no shipping!) Moomsy and I went shopping for baby items and dad and B went fishing. BBQ at this awesome place with live music on Sat night and brunch on Sunday.

SO now that we KNOW this isn't a girl--we can't call him Lola anymore. Until we decide on a name, (which we have a couple in mind,) I'm referring to him as George Foreman. It makes me giggle everytime.

It's a BOY!!! (and yes, I need lipgloss. Try not to notice.)


John said...

I TOTALLY CALLED IT! Everyone else said girl. I said Boy. I am awesome and my precognitive baby gender guessing abilities will be lauded throughout the land.

I think it only fair that I get to name the child. I shall name him . . .

Jet Batman Black.

Elizabeth said...

No judgment here. I totally wanted Caroline to be a boy, and when the nurse lady told us she was a girl, I immediately gave her the evil stare and said, "How do you know?" as if she was just guessing and I was going to prove her wrong. Turns out, she was right, and we have the most amazing little girl ever! It all works out. :)

Margaret said...

SO EXCITING! :) Is it ok if we set up an arranged marriage for your son and my daughter? Yes? Good. I'm glad that's settled.

Seriously though, so happy for you!

Jill said...

Congratulations on the baby boy!