Monday, March 29, 2010

I can hear you!

So my office sits facing out towards cubicles. I don't have a door, but I do have glass windows. Either way... I can hear the person across from me smacking on a hard candy. I should not be able to hear you sucking on something that is INSIDE of your mouth.

I have a thing for mouth noises. And by "a thing" I mean that they ANNOY THE CRAP OUT OF ME. I blame my mom for that one.

I also blame my baby for this situation that occurred during my lunch break to target. There I am walking down the aisles towards my destination of buying trash sacks (and maybe a dress) when I realize I'm starving. Starving. I stop and get some fiberone poptarts and RIP THEM OPEN IN THE AISLE and start eating. I looked ravenous and crazy. I'm mostly over it. It was a sad sad sight to behold though.

Now I'm longing to take a nap by the pool.


SpeasHill said...

And every pregnant woman - or formerly pregnant woman -who saw you said, "Yes. I know that feeling. Eat on, friend."

Anonymous said...

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Jenny Misslin said...

You are cute. Officially. Even when you are having a cookie monster like attack in Target.

NP said...

I have the same thing with eating noises. I hate it when people make a parade out of eating! It drives me crazy and makes me want to stop eating. I got here through the 'Next blog' button incase you were wondering.
good luck with the next 114 days and hope you have the cutest baby :)