Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I have many things I could list to be tacky about today--but I won't. I have censored.

This one annoys me--not enough to make me punch someone in the neck, but just enough to cause an eye roll.

Woman at work asks me, almost daily, "Is that new?" (I respond.) "Is it maternity?"

1. I do have some new items because as mentioned--I'M GROWING A PERSON and not all of my previous clothes fit. Also, much of my clothing is "new to me" but not new. How do I respond?
2. Who cares if it's maternity?
3. It's spring and a time for new beginnings (and new items.)

This shouldn't annoy me, but it does.

Whoa, just did it again. I censored another tacky comment. Making strides.


Anonymous said...

Hi! New reader from Austin Texas here. Well, I think that people have a hard time connecting with others. She could just not know what else to say. So I would say, "Yes, isn't it great?" Or, "No, I've worn this before." "Maternity? Yes, isn't that a shame? It's so cute." or if you want to be tacky and put her on the spot, answer the question with a question, "Why do you ask?"

Lily said...

I r-e-l-a-t-e! :) It is annoying. If a person is just another classmate or acquaintance, s/he should not expect to know my wardrobe by heart. For that matter, not also most of my belongings or even my thoughts.