Tuesday, March 23, 2010

21 weeks... like a week late.

side note. My junk in the trunk looks massive. I think it's the way I'm standing. Super cute shirt is a new line at Target and it's maybe the softest thing EVER.
This past weekend we headed to Nashville for a friends wedding. Not only was it a friends wedding, but also a mini reunion for some of my grad school friends. Amazing friends. I think it's amazing that even silly conversations with them still have a lot of depth. It's so comfortable to be with them. Great weekend!!! Then on Sunday Ben headed home and I headed to new Orleans.

Statement #1 I would like to have a margarita to go like the people in front of me tonight at dinner. Instead I opted for a burger and a root beer float. Yum. I ate those while watching Biggest Loser.

Statement #2 It annoys the crap out of me that Oneil is still on Biggest Loser. I do not think he should be there if he does not participate in the majority of the challenges. I didn't imagine I would be so emotionally vested in this, but I also didn't think I'd eat nachos and/or ice cream every time I watched it.

Statement #3-8 I'm tired. Like really tired. I haven't really had this yet. I think the traveling did me in more than I thought it would. I'm at a conference which is lovely and full of insightful people. I also skipped a delish dinner tonight at one of my FAVORITE places because I needed some down/alone time. Maybe it's intensified because I have someone with me every MINUTE of every day. So basically--I haven't even eaten much amazing food. I'm ok with this. I'm livin' it up in my gigantic hotel bed.

Final observation (watching 16 and pregnant) a girl said, "There's like, not really anything you can do to prevent pregnancy." OH dear.

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Kayla said...

so adorable. and every girl needs a little junk in the trunk.