Thursday, March 18, 2010


So I've mentioned that we are beginning a health initiative at work (the same one that made someone discuss how she viewed diet coke as a benefit--just like dental insurance.) I've also mentioned that I work with an "older" crowd and they decided to do a walking club. So everyone who was interested got a pedometer. Awesome. It hink this is a great idea in which I'm choosing to not participate.

I'm walking through the kitchen, which I need to bypass all together, and this lovely man I work with said, "Now there is someone who didn't get a pedometer." I told him, I'm good, but thank you for thinking of me.

The other woman, who previously has told me that "I'm getting all fat" said, "She's gaining weight nicely. On purpose."

I say nothing as my cue that I do not like these comments. Ben is spot on when he says, "You think someone who says those things is going to take the social cue of you walking away?" Touche, BB, Touche.

Big question--What is wrong with my co-workers?

In other news--the weather here has been AMAZING for the last 2 days. Other co-worker is walking laps in the hallway...... instead of going outside.

Black baby also loves my renedition of some Tim McGraw. Just sayin'.

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Kayla said...

What is wrong with your co-workers? Who says things like that to anyone let alone a pregnant woman... ridiculous!!