Tuesday, March 30, 2010

6 months??

So next WEEK I will be at 6 months. I'm not saying this to overshadow my last week in the 5 months. you know, like when you keep saying NEXT WEEK I'm going to be 30 instead of living it up in your 29's. (Or like when my mom says that she is 30 years older than me and I reminder her--no, not 30. It's 31. I find she greatly appreciates this.)

So ya'll. When am I going to look KU'd? (Knocked up, in Ben's terminology.) Obviously, I'm bigger--and have a tummy as I dropped soup on it yesterday. If you saw me on the street though and you were playing the game, "Is she preggo or did she eat too many eggo's?" You might guess wrong. Like when we were in Vegas and we played, "Is she working or is she just a girl in Vegas?" Or like when we played is it a girl or a boy--only that one is a little different because I was right and Ben was wrong.

I think part of the problem is that I don't really wear tight clothes. I never have. It's not my thing. I have a hard time putting on tighter clothes for my weekly pictures. So maybe to remedy this situation I could just start wearing spandex? Full body spandex? I mean, with a jacket so I'm classy and work appropriate.

According to my readings this next month is the month of super gaining weight. I'm doing my part--now body it's time to do yours.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the pregnancy! I loved the part of your blog where you talked about the game, "Is she working or is she just a girl in Vegas?" That's so funny and I'm sure I will play it if I ever make it Las Vegas in my life.

Check out my blog: http://ltyndall.blogspot.com/

Carol said...

It seems like forever until you really feel you are showing. I felt this with my first baby too. However, 23 weeks is 17 weeks short of full term - you have a long way to go a long long long way. It will happen, you will be super cute pregnant for the blink of an eye and then you'll start feeling huge or at least substantially uncomfortable and then for the next go around, you'll be patient with the not really really showing because you'll know that it comes and it stays for plenty long enough.

Anonymous said...

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